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FSX Weapons Pack 4
This is a weapons pack for FSX (all versions) using FSDS and Gmax to design and
build weapons that uses  the "Drop Object" in free flight in FSX. This pack includes
dumb bombs, laser guided bombs, GPS guided bombs, air to air and air to ground
missiles. Even the missiles fly forward! This pack enables you to fly where, when and
with what weapons you wish to attack a target or just to have fun! Please read  the
"readme" before use as it describes how to install and the limitations imposed.
Weapons pack by Christopher Sykes, Gmax models by David Brice (British weapons)
and FSDS by Kotaro Akikawa (US weapons).
Whether we like it or not but weapon is one of the key parts of the real world:
si vis pacem, para bellum. MS Flight Simulator always was lacking that part.
But not anymore! Captain Sim Weapon for FSX is the first and the only true
combat expansion ever made for any version of MS Flight Simulator.
The Weapon is not just a modification for some specific aircraft.
The Weapon works with any FSX aircraft/rotorcraft.
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€14.99 at Captain Sim
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