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FSX DHL Boeing 767-300F (3JHF). Complete package of the Skyspirit2010
B767-300F with door animations in DHL texture Repaint by Paul Craig
Boeing 767-33A Amazon Prime Air. Complete package of  the SkySpirit2010
767-300 By Triadi Sudarmawan with door animations.
If you have the UPS 767, just add the texture (don't forget to edit the cfg)
at Perfect Flight
Greater Cincinnati/ Northern Kentucky International Airport (KCVG)
is a public international airport located in Hebron, Kentucky, United States. It serves
the Greater Cincinnati metropolitan area. The airport's code, CVG, comes from the
nearest major city at the time of its opening, Covington, Kentucky.  CVG covers an area
of 7,000 acres (28.3 km2). CVG is the only airport in Indiana, Kentucky, or Ohio that
features nonstop service to Europe. The airport's international destinations include
Cancún, Freeport, Montego Bay, Paris, Punta Cana, and Toronto. The airport is the
busiest in Kentucky and the second busiest serving an Ohio metropolitan area.
The airport offers non-stop passenger service to 57 destinations with 186 peak daily
TaskForceFSX enhanced scenery of KCVG uses default FSX and
"Acceleration" library objects.
Some important history notes...
- Nearby Lunken Airport opened in Cincinnati on the Ohio river in 1926.
- Due to its location, Lunken airport frequently experienced fog, and the 1937 flood
completely submerged its runways and two-story terminal building
- Cincinnati Airport opened August 12, 1944 as an Army Air Corps training field, with
the first B-17 bombers beginning practice runs on August 15. As the tide of the war
had already turned, the Air Corps only used the field until 1945 before it was
declared surplus. On October 27, 1946, a small wooden terminal building opened
and the airport prepared for commercial service.
- In the 1950s, Cincinnati city leaders began pushing for a major expansion of a site
in Blue Ash to compete with the Greater Cincinnati Airport and replace Lunken as
the city's primary airport. The city purchased Hugh Watson Field in 1955,
turning it into Blue Ash Airport. The city's Blue Ash development plans were
hampered by community opposition, three failed Hamilton County bond measures,
political infighting, and Cincinnati's decision not to participate in the federal airfield
- The first commercial flight, on an American Airlines DC-3 from Cleveland, Ohio,
landed at the airport January 10, 1947, at 9:53 am. A Delta Air Lines flight followed
moments later.
- Much of the airport' expansion was initially for ComAir and the expansion of Delta
Airlines in the mid-1980s. Delta gradually purchased ComAir (regional airline).
- It became Delta's #2 hub in 1992. By 2005 Delta handled over 670 Delta and Delta
Connection flights, served over 130 destinations with over 450 connection and 220
mainline flights.
Many changes have taken place including...
- Delta filed bankruptcy in 1995. It has dramatically scaled back it's operations at CVG.
- Frontier airlines began service in October 2012, it plans on 93 flights to 19 cities
by June 2017.
- Allegiant Airlines began in February 2014 and CVG became it's mid-western hub.
Currently has 61 flights to 14 cities.

- DHL re-established it's US operations at CVG and has doubled it's capacity since
2015 with a $108 million expansion.
- Terminal 1 and 2 was demolished in 2016 to make room for expansion of it's main
terminal (3) and construction of a rental car facility.
- Concourse C is closed and being demolished beginning February 2017 to make
room for overnight parking and de-icing.
- Amazon Prime announced (Jan 2017) it is building a major sorting facility at CVG
and CVG will become it's major US hub.
- Southwest Airlines announced January 2017 it will include 8 flights to CVG.
- February 2017 Delta announced a 6% expansion at CVG, it's first since its
The scenery was enhanced by TaskForceFSX in February 2017 and represents
the current changes taking place. Enhancements include...
- Adding runway 36L/18R (further widening by CVG may take place to accomodate
787s and A380s. Added adjoining taxi-ways, taxi signs, and assignments.
- widening of taxiways near the DHL apron.
- Added Fire House 1 and 2, airport police building, double-tree hotel, roads to the
terminal and fire house 2.
- Replaced the parking garage, tower and view height.
- Enhanced the DHl (southeast parking) and FedEx (north parking) aprons.
- Re-named 7 parking spots at Concourse A and B to North East Parking.
Their jetways now appear at medium/ high scenery settings.
- Removed Terminal 1 and 2, the demolition rubble and equipment remains.
- Removed parking, apron links, and jetways from Concourse C, fenced it and
demolition has begun.
FSX ABX Air Boeing 767-232 (BDSF) Complete package of the Skyspirit2010
B767-200 with door animations in ABX Air livery. Repaint by Paul Craig.
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I cant find a link that will work to the fly away simulation page. I
am actually reconfiguring this aircraft and will provide it for
download . - Mac Feb 21, 2017
I cant find a link that will work to the fly away simulation page. I
am actually reconfiguring this aircraft and will provide it for
download . - Mac Feb 21, 2017