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Joint Interagency Task Force
Your Virtual JIATF Agency for FSX
Joint Interagency Task Force South is a multiservice, multiagency task force based at
Naval Air Station Key West (Truman Annex), Key West, Florida.
 It conducts counter illicit trafficking operations, intelligence fusion and multi-sensor
correlation to detect, monitor, and handoff suspected illicit trafficking targets;
promotes security cooperation and coordinates country team and partner nation
initiatives in order to defeat the flow of illicit traffic.
 JIATF South is subordinate command to United States Southern Command and is
commanded by a Coast Guard Flag Officer
 13 countries have Liaison Officers based at JIATF-S.These include, among others,
Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, France (OCRTIS &
COMSUP), Mexico, the Netherlands, Peru (currently vacant), Spain, the United
Kingdom, and Venezuela. - wikipedia
J1 - Manpower and personnel. You will pilot various aircraft and ships as directed.
J2 - Intel. You may be directed to obtain intel in the missions or be supplied intel as needed.
J3 - Operations. Make sure you read the briefing supplied with the missions.
J4 - Logistics. You will be supplied with aircraft, ships, and refueling as needed.
J5 - Plans and Policy. Supplied with missions.
J6 - Communication. You will receive radio frequencies and web links in the briefing
J7 - Innovation and Technology. Supplied with missions.
J8 - Resources and Assessments. Supplied with Missions.
J9 - International Affairs. Your ability to operate in foreign countries may be restricted by
     rules of engagement as decided before the mission.
These missions are for FSX with Acceleration installed or the FSX gold version. Missions
for the Smuggler I series, playing the part of the JIATF
, may require you to download
additional scenery and/ or aircraft packs for different missions. Each mission will be
supplied separately and the scenery/ aircraft requirements will be listed.
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