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SPECIAL EDITION          Wednesday June 15, 2016 Dayton, Ohio US         SPECIAL EDITION
Captain Mac Purchases Guardalavaca
Airport Upgrades Benefit Locals
Construction began immediately to lengthen the runway at Guardalavaca
by Don Mckinney

Guardalavaca, Cuba Captain Mac, owner of Captain Mac's Cove, Dayton Air Charter, and
Mac's International Import Export signed a deal Monday Morning for the purchase of the mostly
unused Guardalavaca Airport (MUGV) in Cuba. The agreement with the Cuban Government
includes improvements to the airport and hiring locals for the construction and maintenance.
The intention according to Captain Mac, "...Accommodate small cargo aircraft.
While Frank Pais International Airport in Holiquin handles multiple civilian airlines,  I intend to
use Guardalavaca as a cargo and passenger charter terminal. There are several all inclusive
resorts in Guardalavaca but they are 72 miles by car from Holiquin"
Phase one of the improvements will include increasing the length of the runway from 2.812 feet
to 5,000 feet, bring electric and basic phone lines into the airport, and light the runway. While the
runway is gravel, phase two will improve the surface to asphalt and begin increasing the size of
the apron to handle more aircraft. Phase three will add taxiways and construct a small ATC
tower. Phase four will build a terminal, maintenance hanger, and modern warehouse.
Improvemants are expected to be completed by June of 2018.
Phase One of the improvements will include lengthening the runway (red)
Phase two will include enlarging the apron area (Orange)
Phase three will include adding taxiways (yellow)
Phase four will include adding buildings (blue)
   One of my first scenery enhancements for the smuggler series, written in 2009, was finding a
small dirt airstrip in Cuba to pickup contraband. I could enhance it enough to keep it rural and
private yet functional for a long term smuggling operation.
Guardalavaca was a great find. Barely used in REAL life, with no facilities, or airport services,
I had a blank slate. The runway is so short, it could barely accommodate anything larger than a
Cessna. As my smuggling operation grows so will the size of aircraft I will have to use.
So this year I considered increasing the length of the runway. I measured it on Google earth
and realized FSX had the runway width incorrect and it was 55 degrees off. No apron or
taxiway, the runway in FSX was dirt. A photograph on google earth confirmed it was gravel.
I could not find any info or history  on this airport in a google search. I did not want to over
enhance it for my Smuggler Series but came up with the idea to gradually enhance it over time
and invented this back story.
So with my plan you can update the scenery as often as you like starting with the Phase 1
June of 2016. I look forward to the challenge of representing the construction process while
only using default FSX and Acceleration library objects. I hope you enjoy using it as much as I
enjoy creating it.      
Building Guardalavaca in FSX
Scenery Enhancement will be gradual
Default Guardalavaca Airport, Cuba (MUGV) in FSX
Gaurdalavaca Airport, Cuba (MUGV) as it appears in Google Earth
Guardalavaca Airport, (episode 1) in FSX with TaskForceFSX enhancements
Captain Mac's Resort Opens
Guardalavaca's Newest Owner
by Don Mckinney

Guardalavaca, Cuba Captain Mac, the new owner of Guardalavaca Airport has purchased the
previously named Justin Marc Resort and Casino in Guardalavaca. As the seashore is considered
one of the most beautiful in the world, Captain Mac has once again increased his holdings with
the purchase of this struggling Hotel.
 When asked for comment he stated, "Just a short drive from the airport, the ownership of the
hotel in addition to a charter service and the airport will now allow us to be all inclusive."
  It is rumored he has invested heavily and is a major stake holder in the Hotel Amigo Atlantico,
the largest of all the hotels on Guardalavca's scenic beach. With the Amigo Atlantico's seaplane
dock and helipad, he will have full versatility in moving supplies and passengers to this famous
resort area. Use of the small Marina in town will also benefit the "Captain", as he owns many
yachts of various sizes.
Guardalavaca's seaside
Resort Area
Guardalavca Airport
8 min by auto
3,6 km
El Don
Captain Mac's Resort
Small Marina
Hotel Amigo Atlantico (MHAA) Scenery in Guardalavaca, Cuba by TaskForceFSX
Captain Mac's Cove Resort Casino San Salvadore Island, Bahamas Airport Entrance
Captain Mac's Cove Resort Casino Front entrance