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Caribbean I Scenery
Devils Island in the Bermuda Triangle, North Bimini Resort Marina,
Beach house in Puerto Rico...
USCG District 7 Scenery Pack
by TaskForceFSX. Includes USCG Sectors Miami Beach and Key West,
CGAS at Opa Locka, Miami Seaplane Base , and Dinner Key
Additional scenery for Florida and the Caribbean...
Rafael Hernández Airport (TJBQ)  Aguadilla, Puerto Rico.
by Anwar Gonzalez. For Commercial flights, Fed-Ex, and home
to Coast Guard Air Station Borinquen (SEE BELOW).
(downloaded and tested by TaskForceFSX)
Miami Executive Airport
(KTMB) formerly known as Kendall-Tamiami Executive Airport
Miami Executive Airport (KTMB) is one of the busiest general aviation airports in
Florida, serving corporate, recreational, flight training, and governmental agency
activities.  Miami Executive Airport is just 15 minutes from the business centers of
South Miami-Dade County. As a reliever to Miami International Airport, its location
also provides fast and easy access to the Florida Turnpike, Ocean Reef, the Florida
Keys as well as the recreational and business activities in Miami and Miami Beach.
The airport provides modern, efficient and professionally staffed FBO facilities
serving the expanding corporate and business interests of South Florida.
Parking Designators:
N (helipad)    Miami Dade Fire Rescue - Air Rescue
E (helipad)    Dade County Police Aviate
SW (helipad)    US Customs
W parking 1    Wings Over Miami Museum
SW Parking 1   US Customs
SW Parking 2   Alca Avionics
SW Parking 3
FUEL International Flight Center
S Parking 1   Signature Flight Support
S Parking 2   Signature Flight Support
S Parking 3   Signature Flight Support
S Parking 4   Propel Aviation Services (Flight School)
S Parking 5   Quality Corporate Aircraft Services
S Parking 6   Reliance Aviation
S Parking 7   ADF Airways
SE Parking 1   Dayton Air Charter (my virtual charter)
SE Parking 2   Dayton Air Charter
SE Parking 3   International Flight Center Maintenance Hanger
SE Parking 4   International Flight Center Maintenance Hanger
SE Parking 5   FAA Inspection Hanger
SE Parking 6   FAA Inspection Hanger
E Parking 1   Dade County Police Aviate
NE Parking 1  JV Air Maintenance
N Parking 1  Flying Academy Miami
N Parking 2  Avionics Link Corporation
N Parking 3  Avionics Link Corporation
N Parking 4  Peninsula Avionics
N Parking 5  Air Sal
N Parking 6  Miami Skydiving Center
Other Scenery Features:
Eig Watson School of Aviation (West Side)
Control Tower: US DOT FAA ATC
Fuerza Aerea De Liberacion Monument (Bay of Pigs Invasion)
Captain Jeff Kuss Memorial (Blue Angels Pilot June 2, 2016)
Airport Maintenance Facility
Airport Services Facility
Dean International (South Side, no parking designator)
Tamiami Aircaft Services
TaskForceFSX enhancements were made with only default FSX and Acceleration library
objects. Frame rates remained optimal at Medium/ High graphics and scenery settings (with
traffic settings on low). Detailed based on google earth, every attempt was made at accuracy
within the limitations of default airport in  FSX.
The road in the center of the airport in FSX was not to scale. The length of the airport was not
to scale. Fictional enhancements include...
- adding a small firehouse, KTMB received an older fire truck from Miami International when
they received two new ones.
- Signs for each business at the airport (according to google maps and my research).
- SE Parking 1 and 2 did not show a resident so I made it parking for Dayton Air Charter, MY
personal (fictional) Charter service.
(HERE)  I kept the "Black Car" service from the January
2009 version, as this is (ironically) my current profession lol. I also added a couple of "waiting
- The Bay of pigs memorial included a white B-26 bomber. As I don't have that, I created a
memorial to Captain Jeff Kutz, the #6 Blue Angels Pilot that was killed in a training crash on
June 2, 2016, while I was creating this scenery.
- Wings over Miami Museum had a small WWII fighter on the Apron, I used the SR-71 Blackbird.
WIngs Over Miami
Eig Watson
School of Aviation
US Customs
(after pic Fuel trigger was
moved to IFC and a helo pad added)
Miami Dade Fire Rescue
- Air Rescue
JV Air Maintenance
Dade County
Police Aviate
W Parking 1
SW Parking 1
SW (helipad)
SW Parking 2
N (Helipad)
E Parking 1
N (helipad)
NE Parking 1
SE 1
SE 2
Dayton Air Charter
SE 3
SE Parking 4
SE Parking 5
SE Parking 6
Caribbean Seaplane Tours Scenery for FSX
By Chris Carel. Includes Key West, Aruba, Jamaica, Caymans,
Mexico, Panama, Honduras, South Bimini, and more...
(downloaded and tested by TaskForceFSX)