"TaskForce_Vietnam_Scenery_v2.zip"                               uploaded May 10, 2016

contains all of our Vietnam scenery to date in one download. This scenery is entirely
native MS FSX and "Acceleration" scenery items. A description is below. Place the folder
"TaskForceFSX_Vietnam" in your FSX "Addon Scenery" folder and turn on ("ADD") in your
scenery library. You can then turn it on and off when needed.
TaskForceFSX Scenery is written for the "Acceleration" Expansion Pack
San Francisco Intl.(KSFO), California, US
TaskForceFSX enhancements; ONLY IN THIS AREA: Gate 33 - Gate Medium
(A) Service vehicles and personnel.
(B) Cargo vehicles and personnel.
(C) Passenger (Transport) Vehicles and personnel.   
(D) Military (passenger and cargo) trucks
(E) Friends and family and their vehicles
Tonsonnhat (VVTS) Hochiminh City, Vietnam
(formally known as Saigon) VERSION 2
Previously know as Tan Son Nhut Airbase in Saigon circa 1966-68
TaskForceFSX enhancements in Version 2 includes:
Air Terminal area: Enhanced Gate 15 - Gate Medium for Pan Am charters. Retained
AI aircraft and vehicle traffic. Helo Area for HAL-3 Seawolves, 4 pads.   Military Airlift
Parking area for C130s.  Military Medium Parking Area for C-47 (DC-3) and C-54
(DC-4).  Military Small Parking  area for L-19 (Cessna O-1) "Bird Dog", 0-2
Skymaster, U-3B (Cessna 310), and OV-10 bronco.  EF-4C (Phantom) AREA and  
Additional Fighter Parking with revetments.
Pleiku, Vietnam (VVPK)
It was hard to pinpoint the structure of this airport accurately to this exact time period.
Research showed it was expanded many times and possibly even moved during this
era. This is a fictional representation usable for multiple functions and missions within
FSX.  We included  runways 9 and 27 with low intensity lighting, 4 Cargo ramps with
hangers and service vehicles, 4 Military Combat ramps,  3 Medium Ramp gates, 2
small ramps,  re-fueling ramp, other hangers, small warehouses, barracks and
Headquarters are Quonset Hut style.  Helicopter area with asphalt apron, 4 lighted
combat pads (1 is helo start, 1 lighted hospital pad,  barracks,  offices, and small
hospital area.   
Plei Me Special Forces Camp (PLEI)
This is NOT from the LZXRAY scenery by Alan McCarthy. We found plenty of research
materials allowing us to accurately place and simulate this scenery based on the actual
camp. includes Enemy Mortar Camp (PAVN) and  "Downed Pilot" (VVDP) awaiting
rescue with enemy troops approaching downed aircraft.
LZ Xray  (XRAY) Ia Drang Valley, Vietnam
This is NOT from the LZXRAY scenery by Alan McCarthy. We found plenty of
research materials allowing us to accurately place and simulate this scenery based
on the actual LZ that Moore chose as his command post.    
U Taphao, Thailand  (VVDN) (Circa 1966)
In October, 1965 construction began to accommodate KC-135 Tankers, B-52
Bombers, P-3 Patrol Aircraft and even the U-2 and SR-71.
Although expansion began in October, 1965 the 11,000 ft runway did not become
operational until  July 6, 1966 with the completed new facility opening at the end of
I decided  to reverse construct the Air Base (now an International Commercial
airport as depicted in FSX). as this Air Base is hours closer to your Vietnam and you
will not need to re-fuel. It will also be home to the TaskForceFSX Group; 9th Bomber
Squadron. I included lots of construction to keep with our time line, but fictitiously
included the finished runway and large taxiways to accommodate the B-52.
(A) LSD-2 Belle Grove (VCTL), Cat Lo, Vietnam ; Mobile Riverine Base includes
Landing Ship with 3 helo pads and docks alongside.
(B) Nha Be PBR Base (VNBE), Song Nha Be River, Vietnam; Newly
established Nha Be PBR Base with helo pads and docks.
(C) Seal Team 1 Base Camp (VST1),Thien Lien, Vietnam; Fictional Seal
Team 1 Base camp with helo pad and docks.
(D) River Outpost Alpha (VRP3) North of Saigon,   
Danang, Vietnam (VVDN)
Yankee Station
Mekong Delta
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Included in download...
I attempted to recreate the USO show from "Apocalypse now" on Phu Loi Island. It
comes complete with a helo pad (on the stage) and a boat dock for the PBR>
Colonel Kurtz Hideout (VCKH)
a representation of the small village in "Apocalypse now" dock and invisible helo
pad start
Nha Be PBR Base (VNBE)
a representation of the PBR base on the Song Nha Be River