TaskForceFSX Scenery Pack for the "Smuggler I" Mission Series
Version 2 released June 18, 2016
(1) "TaskForceFSX_MiamiExecutive_KTMB"
This is the second version of Miami Executive Airport, known in FSX
  as Kendall-Tamiami Executive Airport (KTMB).
 (CLICK HERE for details)
(2) "TaskForceFSX_CaptMacsCove_v2" This is the second version of
 "Captain Mac's Cove (MACS) San Salvador Island, Bahamas
- A HIGHLY enhanced fictional casino/ resort/ golf course with a 10,000 ft paved,
 lighted runway, ATC, helicopter pads, amphibious aircraft ramp, small marina,
 large boat dock (accommodate large yachts), and fuel truck service.
 It is also fun to explore with a car.
(3) "TaskForceFSX_Guardalavaca_v2_episode1" This is the second version of
  Guardalavaca Airport in Cuba (MUGV) .
(CLICK HERE for details)
- a small gravel airstrip highly enhanced as a smuggling/ exchange point for
- optional versions of the scenery to show progressive construction.
(4) "TaskForceFSX_HotelAmigoAtlantico"  NEW!!! to Version 2
Guardalvaca Ocean front in Cuba (MHAA)
Guardalavaca is known for its beautiful beaches.
- Road enhancement allows travel to the ocean front by car from the
 Guardalavaca airport.
- Contains numerous hotels, beach-front, small marina, seaplane dock, and
- unique night lighting.
(5) "TaskForceFSX_SKBO" Eldorado Intl (SKBO) Bogota, Columbia
- only adds a working jetway for Medium-High scenery settings
 (coded for American Airlines)
(6) "TaskForceFSX_BogotaCamp" Bogota Camp (MAC6) A "processing"
 camp out in the jungle near Bogota, Columbia. helo access only
(7) "TaskForceFSX_BogotaVilla" Bogota Villa (MAC5)
-The main compound for the "Boss" and smugglers. helo access only
(8) "TaskForceFSX_SKGY" Guaymaral (Airstrip), Columbia (SKGY)
- small enhanced private airstrip near Bogota, Columbia
(9) "TaskForceFSX_SKMA_Madrid"
Major Justino Marino Cuesto Air Base Madrid, Columbia (SKMA)
- Highly enhanced Columbia military COUNTER SMUGGLING airfield
(10) "TaskForceFSX_PanamaExport"
Mac's International Import and Export (MAC7) Isla Ucuptuma, Panama
- small fictional exchange point with a 7900 ft sand airstrip with a hanger,
 helo pad, and boat dock

(11) Mac's Shrimp and Brew (MAC2) North Cay, Bahamas
- fictional exchange point on North Cay in the Bahamas features helo pad,
amphibious aircraft ramp and dock
(12) Mac's Bait Shop (MAC3)
  on an Island between the Everglades and Key West Florida
- fictional exchange point featuring Amphibious aircraft ramp, helo pad, and dock
(13) Everglades Cache
(X03) in 10,000 islands Everglades, Florida
-a confidential air drop point for Pelican Crossing. features a small dock for
small boats
(14) Pelican Crossing (X02), FLorida on Plantation Island (Everglades City)
- actual smuggling point for "square grouper"
(see documentary)
- features a dock and water start for a small boat
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Enjoy our "Smuggler I Series" Version 2 !!!
As an unsuspecting pilot you apply to shuttle supplies and passengers between
resorts in the Caribbean. Eventually you realize what is in the boxes...
With the Joint Inter-Agency Task Force (JIATF) hot on your tail, landing in one piece
is the least of your problems!
- custom (reusable) scenery
- customized vehicles, boats, and aircraft
- missions that allow you to play the part of the smugglers OR the authorities!
Caribbean I Scenery
Devils Island in the Bermuda Triangle, North Bimini Resort Marina,
Beach house in Puerto Rico...
USCG District 7 Scenery Pack
by TaskForceFSX. Includes USCG Sectors Miami Beach and Key West,
CGAS at Opa Locka, Miami Seaplane Base , and Dinner Key
Additional scenery for Florida and the Caribbean...
Rafael Hernández Airport (TJBQ)  Aguadilla, Puerto Rico.
by Anwar Gonzalez. For Commercial flights, Fed-Ex, and home
to Coast Guard Air Station Borinquen (SEE BELOW).
(downloaded and tested by TaskForceFSX)
Caribbean Seaplane Tours Scenery for FSX
By Chris Carel. Includes Key West, Aruba, Jamaica, Caymans,
Mexico, Panama, Honduras, South Bimini, and more...
(downloaded and tested by TaskForceFSX)
uploaded June 18, 2016
Anti-Smuggling Operations
will be conducted in conjuction with the VIrtual JIATF (HERE)
Preface: (optional) before starting the mission series you are encouraged to fly from
your location to the Kendall-Tamiami Executive Airport (KTMB) where the missions
begin. This airport can handle up to a CRJ-700 sized plane. If you require a larger
aircraft (distance) fly to Miami International Airport (KMIA) and use a smaller aircraft
or helo from KMIA to KTMB.
WHEN YOU LAND AT KTMB: Domestic flights request
Southeast parking (Dayton Air Charter) from the ATC. International flights request
Southwest parking (US Customs).
Smuggling Missions:
Mission 1 You have decided to apply as a pilot to shuttle supplies and passengers
between resorts. You will fly the Bombardier Learjet from (KTMB) to Captain Mac's
Cove in the Bahamas (MACS) for your interview.
Coming soon, working on the missions now
Mission 2 You have decided to apply as a pilot to shuttle supplies and passengers
between resorts. You will fly the Bombardier Learjet from (KTMB) to Captain Mac's
Cove in the Bahamas (MACS) for your interview.
You must succesfuly download and install the scenery pack above