Lynden Pindling Intl  (MYNN) Nassau, Bahamas
by Menno C. Robert
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Nassau, New Providence Island, Bahamas
Built in 1924, The British Colonial Hilton Nassau is a luxury five-star or AAA
four-diamond colonial hotel in downtown Nassau, Bahamas, located on the only
private beach in Nassau, on the site of the Old Fort of Nassau. The site was
occupied in the 19th century by the Old Fort of Nassau to protect the western
entrance to the Nassau Harbour until it was demolished in 1873.
This TaskForceFSX Scenery includes a water dock, Amphibious ramp, and helo
pad. Made with "acceleration" stock library objects. I built it for the Grumman
Albatross as a stop on my Bahamas flight route.
- TaskForceFSX Scenery uses scenery library objects from the Microsoft "Acceleration"
expansion pack for FSX.
-  Most objects will appear at NORMAL (Medium High) settings.
British Colonial Hilton Nassau (BCHN)
British Colonial Hilton Nassau. Amphibious ramp is left of the dock. The helo pad is ON the far left of the
ramp. The water start is at the dock. Remains of the Fort are on the right. Copyright TaskForceFSX 2017
Oakes Field  (MYX6)
Oakes Field is a default airport in FSX with minimum scenery objects. In reality it is
NOT IN USE as an airfield. Curiosity had me searching for history and I felt the
need to enhance it for use in FSX. I chose a multi faceted approach and
represented both the Thomas Robinson Stadium and Queen Elizabeth Sports
Centre  on the north/ east side and a small usable airfield on the south/ west side.
History: Charlie Collar headed for Nassau in 1933 to start Bahamas Airways. One
of his first customers was Harry Oakes, the legendary Canadian mining millionaire
who was looking to invest in Nassau. When Oakes moved to Nassau in 1936 he
agreed to finance the fledgling airline; and then he set about building Oakes Field,
the country’s first airport. Until that time only seaplanes operated in the Bahamas.
After he left, Bahamas Airways was sold to Pan Am and Oakes Field became a
Royal Air Force training base. After the war Oakes Field reverted to civilian use.
Oakes International Airport was kept in operation until midnight, 1 November 1957,
when Nassau International Airport at Windsor Field was brought into full operation
Oakes course (Car racing) was laid out on the runways and service roads of the
Oakes Field 1954-1966.The Nassau Speed Weeks were a high-octane end of
season ‘play-off’ in the sun between Americans and Europeans – serious racing
and even more serious partying!
1966 was to see the last of the Speed Weeks With the close of racing, the circuit
fell into disuse and was eventually largely redeveloped into a general-purpose
sporting venue. The Thomas Robinson Stadium and Queen Elizabeth Sports
Centre have both sprung up in recent years but a link to motorsport still exists
thanks to a new drag raceway, which occupies land to south.
The former airfield and race circuit at Oakes Field have now been extensively
redeveloped, with few of the original roads still remaining
Oakes Field, Nassau Bahamas. I brought this closed airport (fictionally) back to life but with the Thomas
Robinson Stadium and Queen Elizabeth Sports Centre now occuping the east side. i used google earth
and default "Accelertation" library objects. copyright TaskforceFSX  2017.
Download includes;
- British Colonial Hilton Nassau
- Oakes Field
- A copy of Pindling International (below)
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Being prepared and uploaded February 2017
from AVSIM
During World War II on 30 December 1942, the airport was named Windsor Field
(after the Duke of Windsor) and became a Royal Air Force station. Windsor Field
was the second airport in The Bahamas (see Oakes Field above) and was built to
accommodate RAF Transport Command, which ferried men and planes from
American factories to North Africa via South America. Pilots ferried Boeing B-17
and  B-24 bombers, and Curtiss P-40 fighters  It was also a base station for
Consolidated Liberator I and North American Mitchell patrol bombers combating the
German Navy's U-Boat threat. After World War II on 1 June 1946 the RAF withdrew
from Windsor Field and it reverted to civilian use.
Nassau International Airport at Windsor Field was brought into full operation
midnight, 1 November 1957 and Oakes International Airport ceased operation.
The name of the airport was officially changed on 6 July 2006 in honour of
Sir Lynden Oscar Pindling, first Prime Minister of The Commonwealth of the
Bahamas and recognized as the Father of the Nation, having led the Bahamas to
Majority Rule in 1967 as well as Independence from the United Kingdom in 1973.
Redevelopment, completed in October 2013, updated the airport facilities to
world-class standards and expanded terminal capacity. The airport now features 10
jet-bridge capable gates, four gates capable of taking Boeing 747-sized aircraft ,and
one capable of handling the Airbus A380, the world's largest airliner. An additional 1
million square feet of airport operating surface has also been added.
The following scenery is NOT by TaskForceFSX but has been tested by us and considered good freeware
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"in-game screenshots" by TaskForceFSX copyright 2017
"in-game screenshots" by TaskForceFSX copyright 2017
"in-game screenshots" by TaskForceFSX copyright 2017
"in-game screenshots" by TaskForceFSX copyright 2017