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AirTran saves time and money by only using 2 types of aircraft, the Boeing 717 and Boeing 737.
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December, 2014 is the remaining month of the Southwest/ AirTran Merger.
TaskForceFSX will discontinue AirTran Service from KDAY Dayton International Airport.
AirTran Flies Final Flight     Published December 29, 2014
By Benjamin Bearup, Chris Sloan, and Jack Harty
ATLANTA, GA – After retracing the same route that ValuJet inaugurated service on in
1993, the final AirTran Airways flight blocked in at Tampa International Airport at
11:39 PM EST Sunday night. The completion of AirTran flight 1 signified the
successful completion of integrating AirTran into Southwest as well as the end of the
iconic AirTran brand.
This is the last AirTran Flight "Saved Flight" produced December 28, 2014 for
TaskForceFSX Virtual AirTran Group.

Description; flight starts December 28, 2014 Boeing 717 Flight# 1 KATL (Atlanta) Gate
C-3 to KTPA (Tampa) Gate C-44. Filed IFR, High altitude route, Flight plan at 19,000 ft.
AirTran . Starts at 2200 hrs EST, depart at 2225-2235 hours. Arrive Tampa 2328 hours
EST. This save is in "real-weather"

December 29, 2014; Post flight notes; the real flight was re-scheduled for 10:38 EST
but left at 10:26 as a storm line approached Atlanta, it arrived in Tampa at 11:36pm
EST. Actual altitude was filed at 33,000 ft.

This package contains:
Saved_Flight folder. (4 files; FLT, SSAVE, PLN, WX)  Copy the CONTENTS of the
folder ONLY (4 files) and paste into your Documents/ Microsoft Flight Simulator X
folder. This is where your saved flights are kept. From the main FSX menu click
"LOAD" and you should see "Last AirTran Flight"

contact for problems.   

You will also need the following files...
TaskForceFSX Boeing 717-200 (below)

TaskForceFSX "KATL" scenery

TaskForceFSX "KTPA" scenery
AirTran Livery Texture for the FSX default Boeing 737-800
The Boeing 717 is a twin-engine, single-aisle jet airliner, developed for the 100-seat
market. The airliner was designed and marketed by McDonnell Douglas as the MD-95,
a third-generation derivative of the DC-9. Capable of seating of up to 117 passengers,
the 717 has design range of 2,060 nautical miles (3,820 km). The aircraft is powered
by two Rolls-Royce BR715 turbofan engines.
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Boeing 717-200 with AirTran livery for FSX.

Originally Designed by Nathan Tenney and Sam Chin

Modified for Use With Flight Simulator 2004 By Tommy Griffin

Modified for FSX by TaskForceFSX including...
- jetway and luggage cart coordinates
- AirTrans and gate coding
- properly aliased FSX default 737-800 panel and sounds
- VC present but not very usable
Saved Flights
Last AirTran Flight December 28,2014
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texture by Lutzkrieg, repaired by TaskForceFSX (rear wing/ elevator area)
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