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- Original models and textures for AC-130 Gunship, ARRS and US Navy LC-130H:
C-130 Hercules Expansion Set for FS2004. Version 1.1 by
- NEW HD Textures for US Coast Guard, US Air Force, and Blue Angels AND HD
Interior and cockpit textures: Alphasim C-130 V2 for FSX 2012 by
- Sound File: The Ferry-Sab Project, Iran
- JATO Rockets, start-up, and smoke effects designed by
FSX Blue Angels
- Flare Effects by Karol Chlebowski
- NVG Night Vision by Boris Voronsov
- Engine Gauges adapted from the DHC8-Q300 by Barry Blaisdell

TaskForceFSX RECONFIGURED: External and interior lighting. Jato, start-up, smoke,
and flare effects. Panels include VC panel with working engine gauges, matching 2D
(F10)Panel, overhead, throttle, fuel, trim, GPS, and full screen comms panel. Actual
weight, range, and fuel capacities including External Tanks. Performance, balance, and
handling. Sound file including GPWS, APU, and overstress warnings. Integrated new
HD textures. The cockpit exit and jump doors operate but cargo doors will not (models
made for FS2004 and will not read Concorde Nose key prompts)
Lockheed C-130 Hercules
download TaskForceFSX "US C-130" v.3.2 HD
HD US Air Force C-130 texture
US Air Force 57th Aerospace Rescue and
                                                  Recovery SquadronTexture
US Navy LC-130R texture
This re-configured HD Version 3 upgrade from TaskForceFSX includes...
US Air Force AC-130A texture
HD 3D Virtual Cockpit that matches the 2D F10 Panel !  (see below)
                                  ALL engine gauges work!
High Definition 2D (F10) Panel
NEW "Custom" "POP-UP" Overhead
Panel includes...

Individual Starters for each engine

Working APU with working Electrical
Hydraulic Pump

individual readouts for each Generator
mapped to each engine

Individual Hydraulic pump mapped to
each Engine

Battery Switch

Individual Fuel pumps for each Engine

Functioning Engine Heaters for each

Functioning Fire Bottles for EACH engine

Strobe lights are controlled by Nav light
switch. (Actual Strobe Switch operates
Countermeasure Flare System located
on panels)
NEW Custom Made "POP-UP" Throttle
Panel made to match Throttle and
Flap Unit in 3D cockpit

The Autopilot is included on this panel.

Flap settings are "more" realistic to
C-130 than previous versions BUT
configured to match the Flap
Indicator on the cockpit panel.

AutoFeather and Prop Sync switches
do work and have additional
annunciators on cockpit panel

Fuel Cutoff switches operate correctly

Flap, Throttle, and Prop Condition
LEVERS move to match keyboard or
joystick commands but are not
controlled by the mouse.
High Definition Cargo Area Textures
NEW! "Pop-Up" Comms Panel to match 3D cockpit. GREAT for multiplayer!
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"International C-130" v.3.2 HD
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TaskForceFSX re-configured and tested.
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HD US Marine Corps Blue Angels C-130T "Fat Albert" texture
HD US Coast Guard HC-130H texture