Sikorsky MH-60G Pave Hawk
The MH-60G Pave Hawk is a highly-modified version of the twin turboshaft engine
UH-60 Black Hawk (Sikorsky S-70 family).
It is the Special Operations/ search and rescue model for the US Air Force.  Other
missions include emergency aeromedical evacuation (MEDEVAC), disaster relief,
international aid, counter-drug activities and NASA space shuttle support.
ORIGINAL MODEL and TEXTURES: by Jordan Moore. Freeware Pilot Model by Dave
Eckert ( Additional Virtual Cockpit Modeling and Texturing
by Deane Baunton. Adapted for FSX by Danny Garnier.

SOUND: by Alan Devins

TaskForceFSX UPDATES: (MH-60G upgrades) I Began with Jordan Moore's
Sikorski SH-70A (Oct. 2009) download by Danny Garnier.  
Since it contained 3 US Air Force textures, I began converting it to the MH-60G
Pave Hawk.

2 × General Electric T700-GE-700/701C free-turbine turboshafts:
The model was programmed with 1 small engine and with very light weight
configurations. I can NOT change this! I added an engine on the cfg and on the sound
file so it appears to have a second engine, but it DOES not function! I did reconfigure
the placement of the engine so an Engine Fire (again, Engine 1 only) will appear

Long Range Fuel Tanks (508 mi Range)I changed the fuel tank to 75 ga.
(508 nm range)

WEIGHT:  4200 lbs max  takeoff weight = 2400 lbs MAX LOAD (1200 front cargo &
1200 rear cargo)

SOUND: You can only hear starter sounds with the rotor disengaged (CTRL+F1).
After the starter sound is complete (2 engines) you may engage the rotor (CTRL+F4)
to stop the starter sounds.
SH-70A by Deane Baunton, Danny Garnier, reconfigured to MH-60G PaveHawk
by TaskForceFSX.

Glass Cockpit (PFD & MFD expanded Panel Integrated pop-up)
Pitot/ Engine/ Rotor Blade anti-ice system
Duel Engine Controls
Volt Readouts for each...
     APU Control
     Duel Generator Controls
     Battery Switch
Hydraulic Pump Controls (2 engine, 1 electric)
Fuel Pump Control
Fire Annunciator/ Suppression Controls  
GPS Navigation (Panel Integrated Pop-up) FSX Default Garmin 500

Technical Data Suite (Pop Up)
(FSX Radar, Settings, and Session Information; Panel Integrated Pop-up)
Custom ADIRS (Track, Ground Speed, Position, Wind Speed and Direction)
Dual Radios (Functional,small)
Pfd Mfd Select Panel (Barometer, ILS, FD, ADF, VOR, ILS, NDB, ARC, NAV, WPT)
Interior Lights (Panel, Red Cockpit, Cabin)
Exterior Lights (Strobe, Navigation, Beacon, Landing)
Exit Warning Indicators   
Technical Data Suite, small (FSX Radar and Session Information)
Flare countermeasure
     dispensing system
7.62 Mini-Gun Starboard Side
Hellfire Missles Port Side
6 additional helicopter gauges for the
F10 panel  (Panel Integrated pop-up)
(when selected they cover the other 6 gauges)
Automatic Flight Control System
Autopilot:    System routine Masterpiece
© 2007 by Antti Pankonen.
Graphics © 2007 by Dirk Fassbender.

Trim System: BY Mike 'some1' Krawczyk
Left Seat VIEW
Crew Chief
Rear Door
Flare Effects by Karol Chlebowski
dual Landing Lights, Nav Lights, Strobe, Beacon, White Cabin Lights
White cockpit light
Red cockpit light
ENB Series night vision by Boris Voronsov
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TaskForceFSX re-configured and tested.
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