George Bush Center for Intelligence
(CIA Headquarters)
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  (84VA) Langley, Virginia scenery completed January 28, 2014 for FSX with
Acceleration  (or Gold Edition). All default library objects. The building (not an airport)
existed in FSX but was hanging off a cliff lol. I fixed the terrain problem and detailed it
using Google Earth. It is a good representation and includes a helipad. Fully accessible
with a car  (I included both gate areas).
  Scenery includes...
- The Original Headquarters Building (OHB), completed March 1961.
- The New Headquarters Building (NHB), completed March 1991.
- 258 acres of land including roads, gate areas, parking lots, and parking garage.
- Outbuildings including a meeting house near the helipad.
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" " UPLOADED 6/22/16
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