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The Royal Australian Air Force operates the Lockheed Martin C-130J
Super tHercules. Purchased in 1999, they are operated by No 37
Squadron, based at RAAF Base Richmond, near Sydney
In 2003 Austria's transport capability was improved when
it  purchased three C-130K Hercules from the Royal Air Force.
They are  operated by the Air Transport Squadron at
                                                                  Hörsching Air Base.
Brazil's 1st Group of Troops Transportation, (1ºGTT), divided into 1°/1°GTT,
the Coral Squadron, and 2°/1°GTT, the Cascavel Squadron, and the  1st
Squadron of the 1st Transportation Group (1°/1°GT), the Gordo Squadron,
uses the C-130H aircraft.
Canada's  CC-130 aircraft have been used in a number of different variants
since 1960. Five are operated as air-to-air tankers. Based with 14 Wing
Greenwood, NS, 8 Wing Trenton, ON and 17 Wing, Winnipeg, MB..
Britain's Hercules C-130K s have been gradually withdrawn from service
since January 2011. The final 8 are to leave in October 2013. To be
replaced by the Airbus Atlas. Their 24 C-130J s are to be withdrawn from
service by 2022, 10 years earlier than planned.
United Arab Emirates Air Force Western Air Command Transport Wing at
Al Bateen Air Base has (3) C-130H Hercules. Their Central Air Command
Transport Squadron at Al Minhad Air Base has (1)  C-130H-30
(one crashed) and (3)  L-100-30 Hercules (civilian version).
Utilizing the JATO Rockets for a short take off
Hellenic Air Force Support Command 356th Tactical Transport Squadron
"Hercules" operates (13) C-130H and C-130B aicraft with the Avionics
Modernization Program completed.
Royal Netherlands Air Force Air Transport Base at Eindhoven Airport is
home to the 336th Transport Squadron operating  2x C-130H-30 and 2x
ex-US Navy EC-130Q's, which were converted to C-130H by Marshall
Aerospace. All have been upgraded to common Digital Cockpit.
The Portuguese Air Force operates (3) Hercules C-130H and (3) C-130H-30 aircraft.
TaskForceFSX "C-130 v.3.2 HD"
- Original models and textures for C-130 Hercules Expansion Set for FS2004. Version
1.1 by
- NEW HD International Textures AND HD Interior and cockpit textures:
Alphasim C-130 V2 for FSX 2012 by
- Sound File: The Ferry-Sab Project, Iran
- JATO Rockets, start-up, and smoke effects designed by
FSX Blue Angels
- Flare Effects by Karol Chlebowski
- NVG Night Vision by Boris Voronsov
- Engine Gauges adapted from the DHC8-Q300 by Barry Blaisdell

TaskForceFSX RECONFIGURED: External and interior lighting. Jato, start-up, smoke,
and flare effects. Panels include VC panel with working engine gauges, matching 2D
(F10)Panel, overhead, throttle, fuel, trim, GPS, and full screen comms panel. Actual
weight, range, and fuel capacities including External Tanks. Performance, balance, and
handling. Sound file including GPWS, APU, and overstress warnings. Integrated new
HD textures. The cockpit exit and jump doors operate but cargo doors will not (models
made for FS2004 and will not read Concorde Nose key prompts)
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TaskForceFSX re-configured and tested.
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