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NAS Adak, Alaska, US
 Known as Adak Airport (PADK) in FSX, it was originally established as a military airport
on Adak Island, in the Aleutian Island chain, in the U.S. state of Alaska.
 The establishment of Adak Army Airfield (Code Name A-2, also "Longview") on 30 August
1942 gave the Air Force a forward base to attack the Japanese forces on Kiska Island.
Davis Army Airfield was transferred to Alaskan Air Command on 18 December 1945 and
later called  Davis Air Force Base. On 31 June 1950 the base was officially closed by the
Air Force.

 On 1 July 1950, the Air Force transferred Davis AFB to the United States Navy who
established a anti-submarine warfare base there. Adak was most recently run by the U.S.
Navy as a deployment base for P-3 Orion maritime patrol aircraft, primarily to conduct
antisubmarine warfare operations against submarines and surveillance of naval surface
vessels of the former Soviet Union. By the 1980s there were over 6,000 Navy personnel
on the islands.
 With the fall of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s, NAS Adak's operational viability as a
front-line military installation began to wane, and in the mid-1990s a decision was made
by the federal government to cease military flight operations there under the military's
Base Realignment and Closure Program (BRAC).  On 31 March 1997, the Navy closed
Adak Naval Air Facility. The State of Alaska signed an agreement January 15, 2004 with
The Aleut Corporation to take over airport operations.
 Adak's airport is one of the largest and most sophisticated airports in the Aleutian
Islands. The airport is a world-class facility worth millions of dollars, consisting of a 7,800
foot runway and a 7,600 foot runway, equipped with an Instrument Landing System and
Glide Slope which facilitate Instrument Flight Rules landings.
TaskForceFSX Scenery
Adak Airport (PADK)

According to Google-Earth, Adak Airport is somewhat mis-represented in FSX with
the location, buildings, and terrain not accurately portrayed.

I added...
(1) a fictional Military apron on the north-east side of the airport, that was not being
used, that now re-fuels the new Navy P-8A Poseidon with a fuel truck.
(2) a Dock area that can handle medium ships and submarines.
(3) YOUR private cabin area with a helo and water start.
(4) Commercial terminal enhancments
(5) Charter or Courier hangers and parking
(6) Housing, school. and shopping areas
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- TaskForceFSX Scenery uses scenery library objects from the Microsoft "Acceleration"
 expansion pack for FSX.
-  Most objects will appear at NORMAL (Medium High) settings.
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FSX NAS Adak, Alaska, US
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